Continuous water stretching lines


Continuous water stretcher with kneading arms, for stretched curd production at high moisture, to be used for fresh cow’s milk mozzarella, water buffalo mozzarella, fiordilatte mozzarella and scamorza manufacturing.

This continuous stretcher has a first section, designed with two variable-speed augers, in which the curd, previously cut by the curd-cutter, is entered and heated using warm water. Then, it is transferred to the second section, that can be designed with one or two cells, equipped with variable-speed kneading arms.

In both parts, it is possible to regulate the warm water’s level, in order to give the stretched curd the preferred moisture amount and texture.

The following models are available, with different production capacities from one another:

  • Mozza-Stretcher 800/1: 800 kg/h with only one section with kneading arms;
  • Mozza-Stretcher 1200/2: 1.200 kg/h with 2 sections with kneading arms;
  • Mozza-Stretcher 2000/2: 2.000kg/h with two sections with kneading arms.

All machineries are ready for C.I.P. cleaning process, with collection tray for C.I.P./whey and, on request, also a direct-injection steam boiler.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 stainless steel material;
  • Kneading augers Ø 200 mm with ultra clean mechanical seals of our own production;
  • Durable series kneading arms;
  • Covers for C.I.P. cleaning process;
  • Tefloned movable components and machine body;
  • Closed collection tray for C.I.P./whey, equipped with internal net-filter;
  • Booster pump;
  • Suitably carterized augers’ geared-motors and kneading arms;
  • Cleaning and production safety sensors;
  • Plastic gate with locking knob to adjust curd’s exit level;
  • Temperature probe on mixing vat;
  • Electromechanical panel on board machine with frequency converter to adjust the augers and diving arms’ speed;
  • Stainless side platform (250 mm. from ground high) on the whole length of the machine.

Optional features

  • 4.0 version with PLC, with 10” operator panel equipped with remote assistance;
  • Production warm water boiler/primer, with direct-injection steam;
  • Connecting/sorting channels for the curd directed towards the moulding machines.

Complete the line with:

• Curd-cutter


Curd-cutter to combine with our water stretching machines, in order to chop up the inlet curd.



Extruder designed for downstream transportation of stretched curd, outgoing from stretchers or cookers.



Steam batch cooker for stretched curd products or processed cheese, composed by a machine body with two counter-rotating augers (dependent from each other) and steam injectors, to cook and stretch the curds.