Moulder for mozzarella sheets production

Mozza-Moulder sfoglia

Moulder for mozzarella sheets composed by two conveyor belts, the first one equipped with an extruder pipe for the sheets and a pressure roll which adjusts the final thickness; the second one with a pneumatic-activation knife to cut the sheets produced.

Both the belts are designed with “showers” to cool down the dough.

To feed the machine, it must be matched with a moulder with two/four augers or with an extruder.

Thanks to the belts’ quick-release, it is possible to clean easily all the components.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Stainless steel material;
  • Extruder tube with cavity;
  • Belts produced completely in polyutherane with lower guides for self-centring system;
  • Belts’ quick-release system, which allows to detension and lift them to clean the whole machinery with ease;
  • Encoder on first belt’s driving roll to regulate the sheet length;
  • Net tek protection with inspection doors and safety sensors;
  • Electric power board and on-board control with frequency converter, for belts’ speed regulation.