Automatic burrata production

Mozza-Burrata 2T

Our automatic machine for burrata production Mozza-Burrata 2T allows to obtain a finished product by a completely automatic process, without operators or external inputs.

Our device is equipped with a special integrated moulder machine, which receives the stretched curd directly from a continuous stretcher, and an hopper designed for stracciatella accumulation, that through two dosing heads, will be automatically injected inside the mozzarella.

Mozza-Burrata 2T is capable of producing 6 burrate per filling cycle and, thanks to the double dosing station, it can reach a production capacity of 2100 items/hour in a highly limited space.

The benefits of this solution come mainly from the automatization of the whole process, which can be easily managed without contacts between the product and external environment, enhancing hygienic and security standards. Moreover, the machine is ready for C.I.P. cleaning process, ensuring a perfect sanitization of the whole system.

Through some additional accessories, the machinery can produce the following formats:

  • 50 gr
  • 125 gr
  • 200 gr
  • 250 gr
Automatic burrata production
Automatic burrata production

Technical features

  • External casing completely C.I.P. cleanable with access doors, security barriers and inspection doors;
  • Special integrated moulder ready for receiving product directly from a continuous stretcher, with hot water jacket, easy clean mechanical seals, cleanable in C.I.P.;
  • Stracciatella accumulation and dosing unit with hopper, pipes, diverter and dosing valves completely washable in C.I.P.;
  • N° 2 moving dosing station with electric drives and 6 stracciatella injectors each;
  • N° 2 product filling, closure and discharge station;
  • N° 1 special receiving belt with lifting floor and product collecting cups for automatic node discharge in cart;
  • Electric panel for production and cleaning automatic management with PLC Siemens 1500 and operator panel ESA 10”.

Optional features

  • Accessories kit for moulding 50 gr, 125 gr, 200 gr, 250 gr dimensioned separately;
  • Mozza-Stretcher continuous water stretcher with kneading arms, to feed automatically and rhythmically the integrated moulder.