Blenders for melted cheeses, for the production of slices or cheeses. They consist of a chamber with two counter-rotating augers, one independent of the other, equipped with an external cavity to heat or cool the mixed product and a screw for the evacuation of the cheese.

The machine is complete with inspection doors and load cells for weight detection.

For the feeding of the same it is possible to combine a belt system, a trolley elevator or an air transport system.

The following designs are available:

  • Mozza-Blender 250 with 250 kg/batch capacity;
  • Mozza-Blender 500 with 500 kg/batch capacity;
  • Mozza-Blender 1.000 with 1.000 kg/batch capacity.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Stainless steel material;
  • Shaped internal vat in stainless steel;
  • Two independent augers, with the possibility to regulate the speed and the progress direction, in order to obtain a more homogeneous mixture, and provided with ultra clean mechanical seals system, of our own production;
  • Gear-motors fixed directly on auger shafts, with cover protection;
  • Teflon with non-stick treatment on augers;
  • Top cover with pneumatic cylinder opening equipped with safety sensor and blue silicone seal for food contact;
  • Temperature probe for reading stretched cheese temperature;
  • Product discharge door with blue silicone seal for food contact and opening with pneumatic cylinders in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Predisposition for C.I.P. cleaning process, provided of piping with sprayballs;
  • Pneumatic box with solenoid valves;
  • Safety sensors;
  • Electric panel with PLC on board machine with frequency converter to adjust the speed of the augers, temperature management and operator panel equipped with remote assistance.

Optional features

  • Stainless steel side platform along the entire length of the machine;
  • Load cells for product weight detection.