Water transport

Mozza-Water Transport

Water-driven transport, engineered based on the customer’s manufacturing and layout needs. Suitable for mozzarelle sized from 1 gr to 250 gr, it allows to eliminate completely the physical contact between the mozzarelle, to keep them always into the water and to remove the usage of carts for the product’s transfer from the hardening phase to the packaging.

These are totally automatic systems which utilize pipes, a water flow and diverter valves, of our own production, designed with a special anti-compression product system.

Thanks to the level controls mounted on the packaging machines’ feeders (caricatore) and to the interface with the hardening systems, the implant can manage homogeneously and automatically the packaging machines’ load and the machine downtime in packaging.

Water-driven transports are ready for C.I.P. cleaning process and can be equipped with an heat exchanger, to maintain the water at the selected temperature.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Sandblasted stainless steel structure, frame and pipe;
  • Water recirculation pump;
  • Diverter valves, of our own production, with anti-compression system;
  • Ready for C.I.P. cleaning process;
  • Water accumulation tray;
  • Level probe, to manage the water quantity inside the accumulation tray;
  • Pneumatic box with solenoid valves;
  • Security sensors;
  • Electromechanical on-board panel with frequency converter and temperature management.

Optional features

  • Water’s temperature maintenance system with heat exchanger and temperature probe;
  • Industry 4.0 kit.