Fixed-weight moulder

Mozza-Moulder F

Moulder with fixed-weight forming drum, designed for shaping any kind of stretched-curd product.

The machinery is composed of a body, equipped with a cavity for temperature maintenance, 2/4/6 augers depending on the model, a product inlet hopper and an aluminum drum, for the moulding of mozzarella.

Hourly production capacity up to 1.500 kg/h (based on the forming drums) with variable weights and shapes from 1 gr to 1.000 gr and water ejection system for the smallest weights.

Thanks to the forming drums’ quick-release system, the format change is immediate and it is also possible to adjust the drum’s pressure on the distributor, so as to avoid dough leakages.

The moulders’ range is available is three different versions:

  • Mozza-Moulder F-2 with 2 augers
  • Mozza-Moulder F-4 with 4 augers
  • Mozza-Moulder F-6 with 6 augers

These exist also in a water-buffalo mozzarella specific design, with in reclining machine body:

  • Mozza-Moulder FB

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Stainless steel material;
  • Camera body equipped with cavity, an electrical resistance 1,5 kW to maintain the temperature constant and one temperature probe;
  • 2 separate cells to guarantee homogeneity in filling roll’s moulds;
  • Removable whey discharge filter;
  • Moulding augers with 150 mm external diameter with ultraclean mechanic seals of our own production;
  • Augers and roll moulder’s motion through suitably carterized geared-motors;
  • Dough distributor in PE1000 with blue silicone seal for food contact;
  • Inlet hopper with protection grid;
  • Teflon coated surfaces in contact with the product, sandblasted external surfaces;
  • Drum rotation reading cam for flow calculation with display for laps number
  • Safety sensor
  • Electric power board and on-board control with frequency converter, for augers and drum’s speed regulation.

Optional features

  • Forming drums;
  • C.I.P. cleaning process predisposition;
  • Frame with camera body inclination system (for water-buffalo mozzarella production);
  • 4.0 version with PLC, with 7” operator panel equipped with remote assistance.