Extruder designed for downstream transportation of stretched curd, outgoing from stretchers or cookers.

The machinery is composed by a camera body, equipped with a cavity as hot water jacket to maintain the temperature constant, two augers, an hopper for product inlet and a transport tube, which coveys the output.

Based on the customer’s needs, the latter can be washed by hand or by C.I.P. cleaning process.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Stainless steel material;
  • Camera body equipped with cavity, an electrical resistance 1,5 kW to maintain the temperature constant and one temperature probe;
  • Removable filters in the machine body for whey discharge;
  • Two augers with 150mm external diameter, with ultra clean mechanical seals, of our own production;
  • Loading hopper;
  • Output cone, with transport pipe equipped with quick closures (tools not needed) and blue silicone seal for food contact;
  • Inlet hopper equipped with safety grid;
  • Telflon coating on camera body, hopper, augers, whey drainage filter, extruder cone and transport pipe, external sandblasting;
  • Safety sensors;
  • Electric power board and on-board control with frequency converter, for augers and drum’s speed regulation.

Optional features

  • Extruder and transport pipe equipment for C.I.P. cleaning process.