Brine vats

Mozza-Brine Vats

Brine vat designed for mozzarella’s cooling and salting, with product motion system based on waterjets, placed on the water surface, and on a turnstiles series, positioned along the vat, to uniform the product’s advancement.

Thanks to an , the water inside the vat is maintained at the selected temperature and it is distributed evenly through a pump installed on board.

On the vat floor, an Intralox modular extraction belt collects the mozzarella balls, which are then transported at the vat’s exit.

At the exit, there can be positioned a water-driven transport plant, to feed automatically different packaging machines, or automatic dicers feeding systems, in case of sliced mozzarella plants.

The vats are available in different sizes for different capacities and mozzarella types. They can be engineered on two or three floors and they are ready for C.I.P. cleaning process, with covers and cleaning circuit with sprayballs.

Technical features

  • Sandblasted vat with swindled edges, in AISI 316 stainless steel;
  • Water recirculation pump, also for C.I.P. return, designed with vacuum filter and drainage butterfly valve;
  • Heat exchanger with PT100 temperature probe;
  • Turnstiles to check the product process, through frequency converter controlled engines;
  • Water recirculation pipe, to move forward the product and to distribute evenly the water exiting from the exchanger inside the vat;
  • Cleaning pipes with rotating sprayballs;
  • Extraction belt with Intralox modular rug, equipped with flights, spring tensioner and plastic sliding support;
  • Side openable covers with open in-position detention and with two inspection doors, in the extraction belt’s idler shaft zone;
  • Ready for C.I.P. cleaning process, with pipe designed with sprayballs;
  • Safety sensors;
  • Electric panel with frequency converter to regulate turnstiles, temperature and product’s vat residence time in the vat.

Optional features

  • 4.0 version with PLC, with 7” operator panel equipped with remote assistance;
  • Water-based transport system;
  • Automatic dicers feeding systems.