Automatic loading dicer line

Mozza-PAC Feeder

We can provide automatic loading dicer line composed by belts, which collect the product exiting from the hardening/brine vats, uneven and chaotic, and it is transported and entered inside the dicer in a regular and rhythmed manner. In this way, blockages are avoided and the weighing stream regularized.

If combined with our Mozza-PAC weighers, these systems can manage in a complete autonomous way the product exiting from the hardening/brine vats up to the packaging, running independently line stoppages without the operators’ help.

The cutters’ automatic loading systems are tailored to customer’s needs, both for cylindric products and spheric ones and can be ready for C.I.P. cleaning.

Technical features

  • Conveyors ready for C.I.P. cleaning with modular belt or monolithic belt for manual cleaning;
  • Mozzarella reading sensors, necessary to adjust the quantity entering the cutter;
  • Safety sensors on covers and cleaning circuit with sprayballs in the C.I.P. cleaning provided version;
  • Electric panel with PLC, frequency converter to regulate belts speed and operator panel equipped with remote assistance;