Fixed-weight moulder, variable-weight moulder in stainless steel and moulders for mozzarella sheets production.

Fixed-weight moulder

Mozza-Moulder F

Moulders with 2,4 or 6 augers with aluminium fixed-weight forming drum, designed for shaping any kind of stretched-curd product.

Fixed weight moulder

Adjustable-weight moulder

Mozza-Moulder V

Variable-weight moulder with adjustable-weight roll in stainless steel with the possibility to adjust the weight of mozzarella balls, using a lever. Available with single or double variable-weight roll, designed with an immediate change format.

Adjustable-weight moulder

Moulder for mozzarella sheets production

Mozza-Moulder Sfoglia

Moulder for mozzarella sheets production equipped with moulder with extruder cone and cooling belts.

Formatrici per produzione sfoglia