Curd-cutter to combine with our water stretching machines, in order to chop up the inlet curd.

The machinery is composed by a inlet hopper with an auger. The latter drives the product against the rotating knife, which provides for the actual chopping phase.

We offer three different models, that can be horizontal, vertical or inclined, based on the customer’s needs.

Moreover, we can supply machinery lines with stretcher, moulder, hardening vats and product distribution systems up to packaging, with the opportunity to manage autonomously line stoppages.

Technical features

  • AISI 304 Stainless steel material;
  • Product loading hopper;
  • Auger for curd transport, with external diameter of Ø300 mm;
  • Circular cutting knife positioned in the discharge zone;
  • Properly carterized gear-motor;
  • Predisposition to C.I.P. cleaning;
  • Safety sensors.

Optional features

  • Pumper for C.I.P./whey;
  • Access ladder.