Powder/salt feeding machine


Powders doser (starch, cornstarch, salt, etc.), through an auger it distributes constantly the powders on grated cheese, diced or julienne mozzarella.

The machinery is equipped with a mixing shaft, a product’s minimum level sensor, a frame with ladder (to facilitate powders’ loading process) and a quick-release system of the frontal component, so that the product can be extracted and the sanitization process facilitated.

Moreover, we can supply the complete line with matching mixing drum and loading belt.

Technical features

  • Production capacity over 40 Kg/hour;
  • AISI 316 stainless steel material;
  • Auger (machined from solid) for the powders’ advancement;
  • Support frame with wheels and ladder;
  • Loading hopper with 80 Kg. capacity, equipped with security grid and cover;
  • Mixing shaft in the hopper;
  • Minimum level probe;
  • Geared motors suitably carterized.

Optional features

  • Maximum level probe;
  • Cover with clamp connection for hopper’s automatic loading.